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Keypads Flexible PCB

Keypads Flexible PCB

Keypads Flexible PCB 1.product describe Specification Layer number: 1 Thickness: 0.1 mm Material: 1/2oz has adhesive rolling. Copper thickness: 1 oz Surface treatment: sinking gold. Minimum line width/line distance: 0.4mm/0.38mm. FR4 reinforcing thickness: 0.2mm. others: need to stick FR4 to...

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Keypads Flexible PCB
1.Product describe


Layer number: 1
Thickness: 0.1 mm
Material: 1/2oz has adhesive rolling.
Copper thickness: 1 oz
Surface treatment: sinking gold.
Minimum line width/line distance: 0.4mm/0.38mm.
FR4 reinforcing thickness: 0.2mm.
others: need to stick FR4 to strengthen PI to strengthen.

From prototype to flexible PCB manufacturing, Uniwell covered for all your flexible PCB and rigid-flex PCB needs. Our knowledge and experience manufacturing this specific type of board gives us a competitive edge in the PCB industry. We also require no minimum product amounts on orders and always promise the best price and customer service.

2.Flex PCB benefits
There are some pretty amazing benefits to using flexible PCB’s. these include:

Reduced Space and Weight: Most of the advantages associated with flexible PCBs come from their low volume and weight. In fact, using a flexible PCB instead of a rigid PCB can result in a space reduction of over 50 percent and a weight reduction of 95 percent, while simultaneously maintaining the function and reliability of the circuit.

Durability: The flexibility, reduced weight and reduced number of interconnects in PCBs allow them to handle changing external forces and improve their resistance to shock and vibration. 

Signal Integrity: Flexible PCBs work in a wide range of environments, so signals will continue to perform smoothly despite exterior conditions. This improves the PCB’s signal reliability.

Higher Density: The thin layers and smaller parts mean that flexible PCBs are capable of supporting higher circuit densities.

Minimized Errors: Due to the elimination of mechanical connectors and reduced variations in assembly methods, flexible PCBs experience reduced wiring errors.

Low Cost: Because of the fewer assembly steps involved in the creation of flexible PCBs, they tend to be relatively low-cost.

Heat Dissipation: The thinner material of flexible PCBs allows for a greater surface-area-to-volume ratio, improving heat dissipation.

3.Our advantages
1)Maturely skill
Excellent fingers for welding resistance, special DOME elastic control: 160g + 15g;
With more than 12 years of experience in FPC industry, I have rich experience in pressing buttons.

2)Strict quality control system, effective guarantee product quality.
International authoritative quality system certification: ISO9001, IATF16949, QC080000;
Execute quality PDCA cycle process, control strictly according to IPC standard, guarantee the quality of shipment quality;
Imported DIONEXICS-900 and temperature cycle test.
Equipment to ensure high reliability and stability of products.

3)Strong monthly productivity, fast delivery, to the key of the soft board customers to win the market.
The total monthly output can reach 40,000 square meters, which satisfies the batch demand of FPC for the soft board customers.
4days delivery, 5 days bulk delivery.

4)Full set of imported automatic production line, with various surface treatment equipment.
Automatic exposure machine, automatic FPC black hole line and other production equipment;
In the industry, a small number of enterprises equipped with complete surface treatment equipment can fully cope with the related requirements such as settling gold, silver, electric gold and OSP, and effectively control the risk of outsourcing operation.

5)SMT production line is specially configured to provide customers with one-stop flex service.
SMT burning test equipment is specially designed for soft board to meet industry special requirements.

6)Green pioneer, key soft board industry well-known customers of the unanimous choice.
The title of green environmental demonstration enterprise of circuit board industry.

A flex PCB is essentially the same thing as a non-flex board except the flexible PCB uses a flexible based material to make its circuit connections. This is most helpful for products that will likely not be stationary devices. The durability and size of flexible PCBs, as well as the shrinking sizes of electronics, has resulted in their adoption by a growing number of industries.  

The products of Uniwell Circuits are widely applied in communication, network, digital products, industrial control, medical care, aeronautics & astronautics, defense & military field and so on.


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