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2 Layers Gold Finger Flex Circuit Board

2 Layers Gold Finger Flex Circuit Board

2 layers gold finger flex circuit board 1.product describe Specification Basic parameters: material structure: double-sided adhesive + low loss yellow cover film + (line copper + glue + high frequency dielectric polyimide base material + glue + line copper) + low loss yellow cover film....

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2 layers gold finger flex circuit board
1.Product describe


Basic parameters: material structure: double-sided adhesive + low loss yellow cover film + (line copper + glue + high frequency dielectric polyimide base material + glue + line copper) + low loss yellow cover film.
Resistance: free to bend and twist.
Male: + / - 0.03 mm
Thickness: 0.15 mm
Reinforcing: positive and negative 0.15mm steel sheet reinforcement.
Manufacturing process: solder coating, plug - plating, covering layer, film - coated type, resistance - welding type shielding.
Surface treatment: gold (gold)1~2 microinch.
Minimum line width/line distance: 0.06mm/0.09mm.

Uniwell understand that bringing a product to market in a timely and cost effective manner can mean everything in business. Our quality, experience, service and pricing combine to become your efficient and reliable electronic supplier.

2.Company information
Uniwell Circuits Co., Ltd is an one of the best professional manufactures and suppliers which SMT PCBA,DIP PCBA,PCBA Assembly, pcbs,fpc cable, Polyimide FPC,rigid-flex board,Carbon oil PCB,High Impendence PCB,Low Resistance Carbon PCB, High Resistance Carbon PCB,Alumina Ceramic PCB,Silicon Nitride Ceramic PCB,Aluminum PCB in Shenzhen, China. 

Based on our self-dependent innovation and self-research, our company not only adopts international advanced technology, but also introduces perfected and advanced equipment and test machines from Japan and America. Now we have developed one of the top manufacturers with advanced technology and high strength in the field of ceramic pcb and carbon oil pcb. 


3.Leadtime for prototype and quick turn
Uniwell circuits FPC focus on prototypes, small volume and medium volume orders, flex&rigid business grow rapidly since it established. We serve our customer with strong technical R&D capability, various types of products, stable and quick delivery capability. Uniwell Circuits has been one of the most competitive company in domestic high class level flex&rigid board fields. We are expecting to be your long term partner in China.


Flex & Rigid board

Flex board

Normal structure

Multilayer structure

Special structure

HDI structure

Normal structure

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4.Advanced equipments of FPC Manufacture


5.Little knowledge ---the type of Flexible PCBs
Depending on the application, several types of flexible PCBs are available, chief among them being the flex, rigid-flex, and the high-density-interconnect (HDI) flex. 

Flexible PCBs
These are flexible versions of the commonly available rigid PCBs, with unique capabilities such as flexibility and vibration resistance. The extra features come along with the usual reliability, repeatability, and high density already offered by rigid PCBs. The major advantage over rigid PCBs is flex circuits have the ability to assume three-dimensional configurations. One of the most common applications of flexible PCBs is as a replacement for wire harnesses. 

Rigid-Flex PCBs
These PCBs are a blend of the rigid and flex, offering the best of both constructions, while adding some unique capabilities that neither possesses alone. For instance, a typical rigid-flex configuration would be a series of rigid PCBs linked by integrated flex circuits. By integrating rigid areas added to the flexible parts, designers can greatly increase the design capability of their circuits.
While the rigid areas are excellent as hard mounting points for chassis, connectors, and components, the flex areas offer dynamic flexing, vibration-resistance zones, and flex-to-fit. Such blending offers designers multiple options for arriving at creative solutions for the most demanding applications. 

HDI Flexible PCBs
High-density-interconnect PCBs are useful when the options offered by typical flexible circuits aren’t adequate. HDI flex circuits offer better design, layout, and construction options by incorporating fine features such as micro-vias. Increased functionality, smaller form factor, and highly dense flex circuitry are among their features.
Although it uses thinner materials, HDI technology provides better reliability, improved electrical performance, and access to advanced IC package use.

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