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Double Layers Aluminum Base Circuit Board

Double Layers Aluminum Base Circuit Board

Double layers aluminum base circuit board 1.production describe With years of export experience along with excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices, Uniwell has won numerous customers' trust and support. If you need other materials , we will offer it according your...

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Double layers aluminum base circuit board
1.Production describe



Details for Double layers aluminum base circuit board

Part name:

Double layers aluminum base circuit board

Base material:

Aluminum base laminate

Layer count:

2 layer

Copper thickness:

1oz or 35um

Finished board thickness:


Solder mask color:

White Liquid Photo Imageable Soldermask( LPI)

Legend color:


Surface finished:




Thermal conductivity:


Insulated layer's break down voltage


Application area:

LED lighting

With years of export experience along with excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices, Uniwell has won numerous customers' trust and support.
If you need other materials , we will offer it according your requirement.
We offers a variety of Layer and process if you need , such as : Lead free HASL Multiple Layer PCB ENIG Single side PCB and so on.

2.Company information

Uniwell circuits was found in Shenzhen in 2007, which is a professional PCB manufacturer has its two own factory in Jiangmen and Shenzhen. Shenzhen special for design, development, manufacture and sales of high precision double-sided & multilayer PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) focusing on quick turn, prototype, medium and large volumes, and Jiangmen factory for  small to medium mass production volumes.  Combining Jiangmen and Shenzhen facilities have proved to meet all our customer’s all requirements from prototype to mass production. Our company believes in a philosophy of being people-centered and in line with the spirit of innovation and continuous improvement. With the market as our guide, and with quality, efficiency and assurance in our processes, we strive to produce world-class products and services and to continuously improve customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Uniwell Circuits expects to make its contribution to the continuous advancement of the electronics industry for our greatest strength under support of customers.


Our aluminum base circuit board are widely applied in indoor and outdoor LED lighting. with many years experience in this area, we have won a good reputation and considered as reliable and long-term cooperation manufacturer.


4.Advanced equipment
Uniwell has kept growing and getting up for 10 years. Now our workshop are about 15,000 square meters and approximately 600 workers. Our factory are equipped with fully automatic machine and well professional staff. New production line and fully labor force provide us a good opportunity to receive every dear customer's order.




5.Packaging & shipping
Each products With ESD bags or do it on your request.
We provide a hard outer packing carton, to ensure that no problems during transport .

FEDEX, UPS, DHL, EMS ,TNT via Express company
Also can follow customer by Sea.
Freight collect or prepaid: Of your choice.


6.Little knowledge--- The different between Aluminum PCB and FR-4 PCB

What is aluminum PCB?
Among all Metal core PCBs, Aluminum PCBs is the most common type - the base material consists of aluminum core with standard FR4. It features a thermal clad layer that dissipates heat in a highly efficient manner, while cooling components and increasing the overall performance of the products. Currently, Aluminum Backed PCBs is regarded as the solution to high power and tight tolerance applications.
Price compares
FR-4 PCB is a very conventional PCB type of electronic industry.
In LED industry Fr4 PCB not use first widely, Aluminum PCB uses more widely.
That is the reason why many people don’t know Aluminum PCB but call it as LED PCB.
Due to thermal management, Aluminum PCB has to consider more heat than conventional PCB design process.
Add the metal material also not so cheap. Resulting in most Aluminum PCB is more expensive than the FR-4 PCB board.

Heat performance compares
In traditional electronic PCB design theory, electronic transfer is the first, then the layout.
Aluminum PCB design is more than above two points, add consider a PCB heat transfer.
You know in LED lighting applications, heat increase is the biggest problems.
If you choose high performance metal, this situation may change.
By the way, most Aluminum PCB heat performance is better than FR-4 PCB.

The stack up of aluminum PCB VS.FR-4 PCB
We have compared the price and performance, this part we will discuss about construct or stack up of Aluminum PCB.
Aluminum PCB have three layer stack up.And FR-4 stacks up depend on each application, it can have 1, 2, 3 or even more later.In three layer stack up of Aluminum PCB, the dielectric layer is most different from FR-4 PCB. Aluminum PCB has high heat management most reason is it have dielectric layer.

Application compares
FR-4 PCB application has widely than Aluminum PCB.
But in LED industry, most engineers will choose Aluminum PCB for new projects.
For example, a single layer Aluminum PCB stack up, base is Aluminum core, top is the copper, dielectric layer is in the middle. Aluminum PCB is used instead of traditional FR4 or CEM3 PCB because of the ability to efficiently dissipate heat away from the components. This is achieved by using a Thermally Conductive dielectric Layer.

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