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Aluminum OSP Circuit Board

Aluminum OSP Circuit Board

Aluminum OSP circuit board 1.production describe Aluminum OSP circuit board General specification for Aluminum PCB Layer count: 1-2 layer Board thickness: 0.5-3.0mm Copper thickness: 1-3oz Thermal conductivity: 1.0-4.0W/m.K Breakdown voltage: 2-8KV Surface treatment: HAL(Lead.free), Immersion...

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Aluminum OSP circuit board

1.Production describe


Aluminum OSP circuit board

General specification for Aluminum PCB
Layer count: 1-2 layer
Board thickness: 0.5-3.0mm
Copper thickness: 1-3oz
Thermal conductivity: 1.0-4.0W/m.K
Breakdown voltage: 2-8KV
Surface treatment: HAL(Lead.free), Immersion gold/Tin, OSP, Gold plating
Application: High Power LED

2.PCB technical capacity


FR4,CEM-3,Metal Core,

Halogen Free, Rogers, PTFE

Max. Finishing Board Size

1500X610 mm

Min. Board Thickness

0.20 mm

Max. Board Thickness

8.0 mm

Buried / Blind Via (Non-cross)


Aspect ration


Min. Drilling Size(Mechanical)

0.20 mm

Tolerance PTH/ Pressing fit hole /NPTH

+/-0.0762 mm / +/-0.05mm / +/-0.05mm

Max. Layer Count


Max. copper (inner/outer)

6OZ/10 OZ

Drill tolerance


Layer to layer registration


Min. line width/space


BGA pitch


Surface treatment

HASL, Lead free HASL,

ENIG, Immersion silver/Tin, OSP

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Q:What is needed for quotation?
PCB Circuit Boards: Quantity, Gerber file and Technic requirements(material,surface finish treatment, copper thickness,board thickness ,...)
PCBA: PCB information, BOM, (Testing documents...)
Q:What file formats do you accept for production?
Gerber file: CAM350 RS274X
PCB file: Protel 99SE, P-CAD 2001 PCB
BOM: Excel (PDF,word,txt)
Q:Are my files safe?
Your files are held in complete safety and security.We protect the intellectual property for our customers in the whole process.. All documents from customers are never shared with any third parties.

There is no MOQ in Uniwell. We are able to handle Small as well as large volume production with flexibility.
Q:Shipping cost?
The shipping cost is determined by the destination, weight, packing size of the goods. Please let us know if you need us to quote you the shipping cost.

5.little knowledge--- Classification of aluminum circuit board
Aluminum plate in accordance with the process can be divided into: HAL aluminum plate, anti-alumina substrate, silver-plated aluminum plates, gold aluminum plate, etc.; according to use can be divided into: street light aluminum plate, aluminum plate lamp, LB aluminum plate, COB aluminum plate , packaging aluminum plate, aluminum plate bulb, power aluminum panels, automotive aluminum plate and so on.

Thermal path through the above explanation , that package can choose its grain cooling LED substrate material scattered on the LED thermal management accounts for a very important part , the section will outline instructions for doing LED cooling aluminum plate .

LED cooling aluminum plate
LED cooling aluminum plate is mainly the use of its thermal substrate material itself has better thermal conductivity, the heat derived from the LED die . Therefore, we describe the thermal path from the LED , LED heat dissipation substrates can be subdivided two categories , namely (1) LED crystal substrate and ( 2 ) the system board , these two different substrates , respectively, multiplied by carrying heat LED chip LED die and the LED die to the heat generated by the light emission , the heat radiation substrate through the LED die to the system board , and then absorbed by the atmosphere , in order to achieve the effect of the bulk of the heat , the aluminum plate Fox current brand market occupied Wright mainstream land.

LED crystal substrate
LED crystal substrate between the LED die primarily as circuit boards and systems derived medium heat , by wire , eutectic or process combined with the LED die flip chip. And based on thermal considerations, LED crystal substrates currently available mainly in the ceramic substrate mainly to a prepared line different methods can be roughly divided into: three thick film ceramic substrate ceramic substrate , lowtemperature co -fired ceramic, as well as in traditional high power LED components, mostly thick-film or LTCC substrate as grain thermal substrate, then the goldsmith -line LED die and the ceramic substrate binding. As a preface, this golden thread link limits the performance of heat loss along the electrode contacts. Thus, in recent years, domestic and foreign manufacturers all efforts towards solving this problem. Its solution has two, one for looking for a high heat transfer coefficient of the substrate material to replace aluminum, contains a silicon substrate , silicon carbide substrate, anodized aluminum plate or aluminum nitride substrate, wherein the substrate material silicon and silicon carbide semiconductors features that make it more stringent test stage encounter, and then anodized aluminum plate anodized oxide layer because of its lack of strength and susceptible to fragmentation lead to conduction, it is limited in practical application, therefore, at this stage more mature and high degree of general acceptance as a heat sink is aluminum nitride substrate; however, currently limited to aluminum nitride substrate does not apply traditional thick film process ( after printing silver paste material subject to 850 ℃ atmosphere heat treatment, it appears materials trust issues ), therefore, need to line aluminum nitride substrate thin film process equipment system. Process to prepare a thin film made of an aluminum nitride substrate greatly accelerate the effectiveness of the system circuit board via the heat from the LED die to thesubstrate material , thus significantly reducing the burden of the heat generated by the LED die through the wire to the system board , and then to heat dispersion effect.

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