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4 Layers HAL Aluminum Base Circuit Board

4 Layers HAL Aluminum Base Circuit Board

4 layers HAL aluminum base circuit board 1.production describe specification 2.About Uniwell 1)Over 10 years professional experience. 2)UL approved, 3)Over 10experienced engineers and 600 skilled staffs. 4)With a monthly production capacity of 30,000 square meters of Aluminum PCB. 5)Our company...

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4 layers HAL aluminum base circuit board
1.Production describe



Details for 4 layers HAL aluminum base circuit board

Part name:

4 layers HAL aluminum base circuit board 

Base material:

Aluminum base laminate

Layer count:

4 layer

Copper thickness:

1oz or 35um

Finished board thickness:


Solder mask color:

blue/Red/green/White/yellow/black/blue, etc.

Legend color:

Black/ White / Yellow

Surface finished:

Immersion gold/HASL/LF HASL



Thermal conductivity:


Insulated layer's break down voltage


Application area:

refrigerator LED light

2.About Uniwell
1)Over 10 years professional experience.
2)UL approved,
3)Over 10experienced engineers and 600 skilled staffs.
4)With a monthly production capacity of  30,000 square meters of Aluminum PCB.
5)Our company total sales reach US$2,000 million and the factory area reach 300,000 square meters.
6)Excellent product quality and on time delivery record.


3.Our culture


To have nice communication with our customers,we attend several Expo every year.


Sales team

Professional Sales Team provide you with Best Services.
Quick turn response and well-trained skills to well-communicate with you.
Good suggestion when you meet technical questions.
After-sales services.


Enviromental protection

Uniwell products have been certificated with RoHS,UL certification. Our main customers are from European and North American Country. Enviromental protection and Users' safety are always taken into consideration.
We aim at become the best world-wide PCB manufacturer and PCB assembly factory.


4.Little knowledge--- A brief analysis of shenzhen PCB unique advantages!
You may not know the three letters of the PCB, but if you say the full name of it -- printed circuit boards, you are sure to get an idea.PCB is an important electronic component, which is a commodity in our daily life and is closely related to our daily life.So what are the unique advantages of PCB?We asked several companies in shenzhen PCB and made the following analysis:
1)High density and high reliability.
For decades, the high density of printing plate has been developed with the improvement of integrated circuit integration and installation technology.Through a series of tests, tests and aging tests, shenzhen PCB can be guaranteed to work reliably for a long period of time (usually for decades).

2)Design and productivity.
For the various properties of PCB in shenzhen (electrical, physical, chemical, mechanical, etc.), the printing plate design can be achieved through standardization, standardization, etc., with short time and high efficiency.With modern management, standardization, scale (quantity) and automatic production can be carried out to ensure product quality consistency.

3)Testability and composability.
Shenzhen PCB factory has established a complete test method, test standard, various test equipment and instruments to detect and identify the quality and service life of PCB products in shenzhen.PCB products are convenient for all kinds of components to be standardized and assembled, and can be automated and scaled in mass production, so the quality and reliable shenzhen PCB has outstanding advantages.The testability and manufacturability of PCB products have promoted the development of this industry, and it has also accelerated the expansion of China's industrial scale.

4)Strong maintainability.
As PCB products and components are manufactured in a standardized design and scale, the various components used on PCB are also standardized.Therefore, once the system has broken down, it can be replaced, and the system can be quickly returned to the system. This is the shenzhen PCB oil with stable performance.

Since our country started relatively late, the technology level of PCB has reached the advanced level of the world.But this for our country many PCB company in shenzhen is not development, our country has many companies to master the world's advanced level of technology, shenzhen PCB over time techniques of PCB industry in China will lead the world advanced level.

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