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VR Application PCB

VR Application PCB

VR application PCB 1.Product Description 6 layer VR circuits board Application:VR layer:6 special technology:impedance control surface treatment:immersion gold material:FR4 outer line width/space:3.5/4mil inner line width/space:4/4mil board thickness:1.6mm min hole:0.25mm Uniwell is a high-tech...

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VR application PCB
1.Product description


Layer: 6  
Board Thickness: 1.6 mm
Surface treatment:immersion gold.
Material: FR4 TG150 .
Min line width/line distance:3.5/4mil
Min hole:0.25mm

Uniwell is a high-tech PCB enterprise special in PCB manufacture,we have already passed ISO, UL certified , any PCB for a VR from Uniwell circuits suits almost parts and components. The state of the art equipment and technology in our manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen China produce PCBs that are not only reliable but bring our clients value for the long term. This is because our operations are IS9001 and TS16949 certified. We deliver nothing but the best PCB technology and are a leading PCB manufacturer for both prototypes as well as production. When you order PCBs from Uniwell circuits , you are buying quality that pays for itself over time. This is promised through a product specification and quality control that is far more stringent than other suppliers, and ensures that the product delivers what it promises. Your satisfaction is always our pursuit. 

2.Our team
Exploration & Innovation, Continuous improvement, Commitment to excellence To become a well-know brand in both domestic and overseas high top PCB field  Is our always pursuit.  


3.Do you know how we deal with the waste water?
In the process of production and processing circuit board factory, can produce a large amount of waste water, the waste water's impact on the environment is very big, so can't literally will circuit board of waste water discharge, need after the operation of the specific standard to discharge.Especially in countries with the communist party of China after the eighteenth big, more and more high to the requirement of environmental protection, so we more attention of waste water treatment.let me tell you what will deal with the waste water. 

1)The washing wastewater treatment method:
Circuit board cleaning wastewater is the main source of in circuit board production in the process of plating, grinding plate and other related process occurring in the process of the operation, the wastewater of the ratio is higher, more than 80% of the total wastewater, washing wastewater under the PH is acidic, how to the pollution of water quality is not strict, not serious but not means you can literally emissions, we can have a PH solution by adding alkali line debugging, until meet again into the concrete pool and condensate pool.After adding flocculant and coagulant aid, waste water of heavy metal ions will flocculant with gel type of organic matter in water to form shape, spate separation flow into the tank.Pool, then the sludge into the physical and chemical sludge settling basin of water into the neutralization pond, after adjusting the pH after sand filter and activated carbon pool into recycling pool, to use again. 

2)Containing copper ions wastewater treatment method
Containing copper ions wastewater reasons as long as the decay in the circuit board of the moment, heavy copper related production process, this kind of wastewater in the process of PCB production total ratio at 8%, even on the low side, but in the content of heavy metals in waste water is relatively large, so the pollution is relatively large, we can use some ways to break complex (copper aojiang compound) can remove copper precipitation, the stability of this kind of combination is mainly related to the ph of the solution, the ph of 2.9-12, complexing copper ions than Cu (OH) 2 is stable, cannot be produced by adjusting the ph Cu (OH) 2: remove copper ion precipitation method.But CuS more stable than organic complexing copper ion, can be produced by adding the Na2S CuS precipitation, which destroy the balance of complexing copper ion, achieve the goal of removal of copper ions.Add polymer coagulant aid for mud separation.However, to make the complex of copper completely settle, must add too much sodium sulfide.How to control the sodium sulfide is a very key factor.Sulfur ions on the back of the biochemical treatment of microbial culture has certain toxic, on the other hand, the sulfur ions is one of the control index of the water.

4.High concentration organic wastewater treatment
A high concentration of wastewater is the main source of oil removal in PCB, green oil, in addition to the rubber and related process to produce, in the process of its organic matter concentration is very high, in the case of general can reach 3000-8000 mg/l, this kind of wastewater is a kind of highly contaminated wastewater, so we need to separate out.Must first be a high concentration of waste water, after the oil sediment trap to remove impurities such as oil and other related operations, we need to put the waste water effluent in adjusted to adjust the pool water quality, by the waste water pump again into the acid  


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