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Telecommunication Printed Circuit Board

Telecommunication Printed Circuit Board

Telecommunication printed circuit board 1.Product Description Key specification: PCB clarification:Telecommunication printed circuit board layer:23 board thickness:3.0mm size:158mm*83.21mm matrial:FR4 min hole:0.4mm surface treatment:ENIG application:Telecommunication character:multilayer 2.Why...

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Telecommunication printed circuit board
1.Product description


Key specification:
Layer: 4  
Board Thickness: 1.60 mm
Surface treatment:immersion gold.
Material:IT180A .
Min line width/line distance:6/5.26mil
Min hole:0.2mm

2.Why us?
a.Top high-frequency material resources, allows you to win in the ultimate product
1)A leading commercial Rogers, high-frequency taconic, Arlon, Nelco, Isola long-term strategic cooperation partners
2)Oblivious to the communication industry clients to provide the best quality materials and related resources, fundamentally control product quality
b.Own a full range of communication circuit board production equipment, reduce the risk of outsourcing production for you
1)Designed for communication industry with Plasma Plasma in addition to the glue machine, super long plate parallel exposure machine, exposure length up to 2 m
2)Designed for communication industry introduce product line of surface treatment industry rare: silver plating, tin plating, silver and tin
c.Leading technology ability, meet the demand of communication system of PCB board
d.Top of PCB industry technical team, effective optimization of high frequency stability
e.fully quality control system.
Find out why many in the telecommunications industry choose Uniwell for their telecom PCBs. We are ISO 9001:2008, UL and RoHS certified, meaning our PCBs are reliable, sturdy and can perform in harsh conditions such as the ones that telecommunication PCBs commonly face. We can provide aluminum, copper or other required materials to make sure you get the circuit boards with capabilities you need.

3.When I need thicker tracks than standard, which track widths can I use?
In general, the thicker the copper base, the wider the track should be. One rule of thumb is that with a 18 µm copper base the track should not be narrower than 0.1 mm (4 mil) and with a 105 µm copper base the track should not be narrower than 0.25 mm (10 mil).


4.Our team
We have a active and professional team to offer you comprehensive service.



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