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Telecommunication PCB

Telecommunication PCB

Telecommunication PCB 1.Product Description Key specification: PCB clarification:Telecommunication PCB layer:23 board thickness:3.0mm size:158mm*83.21mm material:FR4 min Dia.hole:0.4mm surface treatment:immersion gold application:Telecommunication character:multilayer 2.Why us? a.Choose the best...

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Telecommunication PCB
1.Product description


Key specification:
Board thickness:1.6mm
Min Dia.hole:0.4mm
Surface treatment:immersion gold

2.Why us?
a.Choose the best material to make the board, allows you to win in the ultimate product
1)A leading commercial Rogers, high-frequency taconic, Arlon, Nelco, Isola long-term strategic cooperation partners
2)Oblivious to the communication industry clients to provide the best quality materials and related resources, fundamentally control product quality

b.Own a full range of advanced production equipment, avoid the risk of outsourcing production for you
1)Designed for communication industry with Plasma Plasma in addition to the glue machine, super long plate parallel exposure machine, exposure length up to 2 m
2)owning communication industry introduce product line of surface treatment industry rare: silver plating, tin plating, silver and tin 

c.Latest production ability, meet the all the demands of communication system of PCB board

d.experienced PCB industry technical team, effective optimization of high frequency stability

e.maturely quality control system. 

High quality and professional service make us win lots of support from the car industry, you can find that there are so many advantages in the telecommunications industry choose Uniwell for their telecom PCBs. Uniwell is an ISO 9001:2008, UL and RoHS approved manufacturer, meaning our PCBs are reliable, sturdy and can perform in harsh conditions such as the ones that telecommunication PCBs commonly face. We can provide aluminum, copper or other required materials to make sure you get the circuit boards with capabilities you need.whatever you want,we will make it happen.

How much finished copper can be expected?There is a misperception that copper weights offer certain exact thicknesses and that these do not reduce during the production of a PCB. For example 1 oz. = 35um or ½ oz. = 18um.

However IPC-6012 detailed the acceptable minimum thickness of both copper fpoils and foils after plating based upon allowable tolerances of copper foils and reductions of plating copper during subsequant processing.

Below shows some the more standard copper weights and allowable finished thickness.

As such such it is critical to understand what you need and specify correctly – if not then you may under-specify or you may over-specifiy which can lead to excess costs being built into the design.

Inner layer foil thickness after processing

Base copper weight

Minimum finished after processing

1/2 oz.

11.4 um

1 oz.


2 oz.


External conductor thickness after plating and processing

Base copper weight

Minimum finished after processing Class 2

Minimum finished after processing Class 3

1/2 oz.



1 oz.



2 oz.



1)Shipping cost?
The shipping cost is determined by the destination, weight, packing size of the goods. Please let us know if you need us to quote you the shipping cost.

2)Do I have to use an FR4 material with a high Tg (Tg = glass transition temperature) for lead-free soldering?
No, not necessarily. There are many factors to be taken into account, e.g. how many layers, the thickness of the PCB and also a good understanding of the assembly process (number of soldering cycles, time above 260 degrees, etc.). Some research has shown that a material with a “standard” Tg value has even performed better than some materials with a higher Tg value. Note that even with “leaded” soldering the Tg value is exceeded.

What is of most importance is how the material behaves at temperatures above the Tg value (post Tg) so knowing the temperature profiles the board will be subjected to will help you look evaluate the necessary performance characteristics. 

3)How to work with you?
-Email and send us the pcb layout file, Bom list.
-We will provide quotation of PCB in 2 hours .
-Quotation approval by your side.
-We will issue invoice to you for done payment.

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