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Refrigerator Circuit Board

Refrigerator Circuit Board

Refrigerator circuit board 1.company information UNIWELL circuits cO., lTD. is a professional enterprise, and we special in the manufacture of high precision single, double, multilayer circuit board and aluminum PCB PCB manufacturers and processing, SMT, plug-in, after welding, assembly, such as...

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1.Product describe


Layer: 2
Board Thickness: 1.6mm
Surface treatment: LF HASL.
Material: FR4  .
Min line width/line distance:10/10mil
Min hole:0.4mm

2.Company information
Uniwell circuits co., lTD. is a professional enterprise, and we special in the manufacture of high precision single, double, multilayer circuit board and aluminum PCB PCB manufacturers and processing, SMT, plug-in, after welding, assembly, such as one-stop processing services.Our products are widely used in digital, communication, medical, automotive satellite navigation, high-power LED, computer peripherals, household appliances, automobile audio and other electronic products industry.Company's existing factory building 4000 square meters, the monthly output of more than 10000 square meters, monthly production can reach more than 8000 varieties, production technology has a lead-free tin, oxidation (OSP), chemical, electricity and heavy gold, impedance and blind buried. The company has advanced production equipment: optical plotter, drilling machine, electroplating line, exposure machine, V cutting machine, goniometer, flying needle tester, SMT patch machine, etc. 

Uniwell circuits has the abundant technical force, high-cultural quality production team, advanced production technology, has perfect testing, analysis, testing means, coupled with scientific management can provide customers with high-precision, high-quality double-sided and multilayer circuit board production.It can meet the needs of special PCB, such as high precision double-sided, multi-layer, impedance and blind hole. At the same time the company has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 certification, to further enhance our service and quality, won the general customers the consistent high praise, and provides customers with faster, more efficient, more excellent service. 


3.Company strategies
In order to adapt the high development of the market and meet the customers’ requirement quickly, Uniwell make long term Strategies.
Win-win partnership
●,Follow and support customers strategy to acquire market
Value-added Service
●,Inset value-added service base on customer requirement
Cost Optimization
●,Continuous effect and efficient management to push manufacturing cost down
On-Time Delivery
●,Improve delivery control procedure to ensure delivery on-time
Quality Commitment
●,Quality assurance and self-review system to ensure quality promotion
Ship to Stock
●,Effective logistic control and quality product to ensure just-in-time stock

4.The performance trend of PCB substrate.
Continuous innovation of fr-4 boards.
In short, the base material of the circuit board mainly includes copper foil, resin, and reinforcing materials.However, it is hard to imagine the complexity of the content of the substrate, if it is to further study the current base material and examine the changes it has made over the years.Due to the increasingly stringent requirements on the quality of lead-free materials, the performance and specifications of resin and substrate will undoubtedly become more complex.Base material supplier of challenge, is must find out the best balance between the needs of various customer, in order to obtain the most economic production benefit, and its product data provided to the whole supply chain as a reference. 

Ii. Leading the industry trend of base plate specification.
Ongoing a number of industry trends, will lead to new formula sheet YingShi and adopted, these to include the multilayer design trends, environmental protection laws and regulations, as well as electrical demand, now the points mentioned below: 

1)The design trend of multi-plate.
One of the current design trend of the PCB is improve the density of wiring, there are three ways to achieve this goal: the first is to cut the line width line distance, the unit area can hold more dense wiring;Secondly, increase the number of circuit boards;Finally, the size of aperture and pad is reduced.
However, the working temperature is bound to rise when there is more and more wiring in the unit area.Furthermore, as the number of circuit boards increases, it is bound to increase the synchronization of the finished board.Otherwise, it can only be combined with the thinner dielectric layer to maintain the original thickness.The thicker the PCB, the more the thermal stress caused by the heat of the through-hole wall will increase, which will increase the thermal expansion effect of the Z direction.When choosing the thinner medium layer, it means that the base plate and film with more glue content must be used;However, the content of glue is more than that, which will cause the increase of thermal expansion and stress in the Z direction.In addition, reducing the pore diameter of the hole will inevitably make the aspect ratio larger.Therefore, in order to ensure the reliability of the plated hole, the base material used must have lower thermal expansion and better thermal stability, so that it will not fall short.
In addition to the above factors, the layout of the guide hole will be more closely aligned when the component density increases.However, this will make the situation of glass beam leakage more intense, and even the bridge phenomenon occurs in the base material fiberglass between the hole wall, which leads to the short circuit.The anode filamentous leakage (CAF) is currently one of lead-free era theme of attention to the plank, and, of course, a new generation of base material must have a better ability to resist CAF, prevent the multiplexes in lead-free soldering. 

2)Environmental regulations
Environmental regulations add a lot of additional requirements to the base material, such as the eu RoHS and WEEE, which will affect the formulation of the board specifications.
In numerous regulations, RoHS limits the lead content in welding.Tin-lead solder already in assembly plant for many years, their alloy melting point is 183 ℃, and the welding process temperature is about 220 ℃.
Mainstream lead-free solder tin, silver copper alloy (such as SAC305 its melting point is 217 ℃, usually when welding the peak temperature up to 245 ℃.The rise of welding temperature means that the base material must have better thermal stability to withstand the thermal shock caused by multiple fusion welding.
The RoHS directive also disables certain halogen-containing flammable agents, including PBB and PBDE.However, it is not on the RoHS blacklist of PCB base materials that the most commonly used flame retardant, propylene diphenol TBBA.However, due to the improper ashing reaction of the plates containing TBBA, some of the manufacturers of the whole machine still consider to adopt the halogen free materials. 

3)Electrical requirements
High-speed, broadband, and the application of radio frequency, force plate also need to have better electrical performance, namely Dk dielectric constant and loss factor Df, not only must be minimizing and more stable performance in the whole panel, and should also be appropriate to prepare controllability.In order to meet the demand of electricity demand, it also has to be inferior to the thermal stability, and the market demand and market share are increasing.

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