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Power Supply PCB

Power Supply PCB

1.product describe layer:2 board thickness:1.6+/-0.14mm size:247.8mm*246mm material:H140A min hole:0.45mm surface treatment :lead free HASL copper thickness:25um copper weight:90um min line width/space:0.435mm/0.175mm Tin thickness:1-25um application:power switch 2.why choose us Leading industry...

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1.Product describe 


Layer: 6  
Board Thickness:2.0 mm
Surface treatment:immersion gold.
Material: FR4 .
Min line width/line distance:6/6mil
Min hole:0.3mm

2.Why choose us 
Leading industry power circuit board production technology 16 layers 60Z copper thick 2 buried 1 blind and Special requirements of PCB for top raw materials.
1)Top technical team, have rich experience in power supply products.
More than 50 professional technical team with over 7 years’ experience in PCB, familiar with the key control points of PCB.
There are 12 national invention patents and 70 utility model patents, which effectively optimize the product structure.
2)Top grade raw materials for you to build high stability power PCB.
Using the famous medium and high TG boards such as  shengyi.
The imported American rohm haas Rohm&Haas solution, Japan Taiyo inks, Japan Asahi dry film.
3)Advanced automatic production equipment and precision testing equipment.
4)Advanced process capability, especially to meet the requirement of PCB board.
5)Rigorous quality control system.
6)Green pioneer, the confidence of well-known customers.

3.Our partners
1)We cooperate with the world top supplier. In order to keep the high quality.


2)High quality and professional service make us win recognition from our customers.


4.Customers distribute
With the experienced and skilled management, consistent high quality, proprietary production techniques and professional service, Uniwell Circuits has won trust and support from customers all around the world, including Mainland China, Taiwan, USA, Japan, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Finland, France, Holland, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.


5.What are the reasons for the popularity of the FPC board?
FPC board as a new electronic interconnection material is in a period of rapid development.From the use of military electronics, medical electronics and industrial control electronics, it is widely transferred to civil electronic products.The FPC board exists in electronic products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, digital cameras, on-board GPS, LCD TVS and laptops.Specifically, the FPC board is so popular for several reasons. 


Reason # 1: low consumption and low cost.
Even in the component, with the use of wire rope, FPC plate conductor cross-section thin and flat, reduce the wire size, and along the casing forming, make equipment more compact and reasonable structure, not only can reduce the size of our electronic products, but also reduce a lot of weight...Consumers are willing to buy the FPC board, which costs less and costs less. 

Reason # 2: flexible.
FPC board free bending, coiling, folding, can be arbitrarily arranged in accordance with the spatial layout requirements, and is moving in three-dimensional space and scale, so as to achieve integration of components assembly and wire connection, can be flexible. 

Reason # 3: good reliability.
FPC board install even when, as a result can be in the X, Y, Z three plane wiring, reduced the switching interconnection, increase the reliability of the whole system, and to examine the fault, provides a convenient, meet electronic products to the needs of the development of high density, miniaturization, high reliability direction. 

Reason # 4: less error.
FPC board is used to eliminate the error of wire connection.As long as the process drawing is checked and approved, all subsequent circuits are the same.There is no wrong connection when loading the connecting line, ensuring the consistency of the connection. 

Reason # 5: high controllability.
according to the requirement on FPC board design, can control the capacitor, inductor, characteristic impedance, attenuation and delay parameters, can be designed with the characteristics of the transmission line, high controllability of electrical parameters. 

Because FPC board has low cost, low cost, high flexibility, high reliability, low error and high controllability, it is welcomed by so many consumers.Whether automotive electronics, military and aerospace equipment, medical equipment products, belong to high precision electronic instrument, the equipment stability and accuracy requirements are very high, so the corresponding FPC board processing manufacturer requirement is very high, so small make up remind Outlines choose carefully, be sure to choose the high quality of FPC board factory.

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