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Power Control System PCB

Power Control System PCB

Power control system PCB 1.company information Uniwell Circuits Co., Ltd, is a professional PCB manufacture enterprise, we have 2 production plants, Shenzhen was founded in April, 2007 China. Jiangmen factory was found in 2010. 600 employees in total ,combined Shenzhen and Jiangmen factory...

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1.Product describe 


Layer: 4
Board Thickness: 1.6mm
Surface treatment: immersion gold.
Material: FR4 .
Min line width/line distance:40/20mil
Min hole:0.8mm

Uniwell Quality Policy:Transcendent Quality, Perfect Embodiment, Prevent Pollution, Energy Efficiency, Green Production, Continual Improvement, Customers' Satisfaction  you satisfaction is always our pursuit.
We strive to fulfill our clients’ requirements including abstract ideas by bringing them to life as finished products.
We convert manual or semi-automated equipments into fully automated, intelligent ones.
We reconstruct expensive automated systems built using PLC and time-relayed devices into microcontrollers designed for mass production at low cost.

2.Company information
Uniwell Circuits Co., Ltd,  is a professional PCB manufacture enterprise, we have 2 production plants, Shenzhen was founded in April, 2007 China. Jiangmen factory was found in 2010. 600 employees in total ,combined Shenzhen and Jiangmen factory Uniwell Circuits is capable of producing 100,000 square feet of 2-40 layer PCBs and delivering over 5000 varieties monthly.. You will know more about Uniwell from the video, we are expecting to be you long term partner in China.

3.Do you know the surface treatment of PCB?
Currently common PCB surface treatments are as follows: 

1)Immersion gold
Between OSP and electroless nickel/dip, the process is simple and fast.Exposure to heat, humidity and pollution can still provide good electrical performance and good weldability, but will lose luster.Because there is no nickel under the silver layer, it does not have all the good physical strength of electroless nickel/leaching. 

2)Nickel plating
On the surface of the PCB, a layer of nickel is deposited on the surface of the conductor, and the nickel plating is mainly to prevent the spread between gold and copper.Now there are two types of electroplating nickel gold: soft gold plating (gold, gold does not look bright) and hard gold plating, surface smooth, hard, wear-resisting, containing cobalt and other elements, the surface looks more light).Soft gold is mainly used for chip packaging gold wire;The hard gold is mainly used for electrical interconnections in non-welding areas (eg, goldfinger). 

3)PCB mixed surface treatment technology.
Choose two or more than two kinds of surface treatment, surface treatment methods of common forms include: heavy nickel gold + anti-oxidation, gold + heavy nickel plating nickel, plating nickel gold + hot air leveling, heavy nickel gold + hot air leveling.
All surface treatments are the most common and cheapest way to deal with hot air leveling (lead-free/lead), but please note the eu RoHS regulations. 

4)Hot air leveling.
The process of coating molten tin lead solder on the surface of PCB and heating compressed air (blowing flat) to form a layer that can resist copper oxidation and provide a good weldable coating.The solder and copper are formed at the junction of the hot wind and the copper is formed in the joint, and the thickness is about 1 ~ 2mil. 

5)Anti-oxidation (OSP)
On the surface of clean bare copper, a layer of organic skin is grown on a chemical basis.This film has anti-oxidation, thermal shock and moisture resistance, which can protect the copper surface from rust (oxidation or vulcanization) in normal environment.At the same time, it must be easily removed by the flux in the subsequent welding heat for welding. 

6)Chemical deposition of nickel.
On the copper surface, a thick layer of nickel-gold alloy with good electrical properties can protect PCB for a long time.Unlike the OSP, which is only a rust-proof barrier, it can be useful in the long term use of PCB and achieve good electrical performance.In addition, it has the tolerance of other surface treatment technologies.
If you don’t know which one is the fittest for your PCB , please don’t hesitate our technicians, we are happy to help you.

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