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OSP Single Layer Circuit Board

OSP Single Layer Circuit Board

OSP single layer circuit board 1.Company Information Uniwell is one of leading PCB manufacturer in China, it was established 2007,Shenzhen, special for quick turn: Prototype, Sampling and Small volume orders. In order to satisfy the growing market demands, we have built a new factory in October,...

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OSP single layer circuit board
1.Product description


Surface finishes: immersion gold
Outer line width/space:6/4mil
Board thickness:1.0mm
Min hole:0.25mm
Special technology: impedance control,

2.Company information 

Uniwell is one of leading PCB manufacturer in China, it was established 2007,Shenzhen, special for quick turn: Prototype, Sampling and Small volume orders. In order to satisfy the growing market demands, we have built a new factory in October, 2010, which named Jiangmen Factory, located in Jianghai District Jiangmen city, especially designed for small to medium mass production volumes. The combined Jiangmen and Shenzhen facilities have proved to meet all our customer’s all requirements from prototype to mass production. Hope we can be your long term partner in China.


3.Let me tell you something about OSP. 

OSP is short for "organic solderability preservatives", and it's also called anti-tarnish. It refers to a layer of organic finish generated on clean and bare copper by adsorption. On the one hand, this organic finish is capable of stopping copper from oxidation, thermal shock and humidity. On the other hand, it has to be easily eliminated by flux in the later process of soldering so that the exposed clean copper can be jointed with melting solder so that solder joints can be generated in extremely short time.

Advantages of OSPThe advantages of OSP can be summarized into:

• Simple process and Reworkable: Circuits boards coated with OSP can be easily reworked by PCB fabricators so that PCB assemblers are allowed to have fresh coatings once its coating is found damaged.

• Good wetting: OSP-coated boards perform better in terms of solder wetting when flux meets vias and pads.

• Environment friendly: Since water-based compound is applied in the process of the generation of OSP, it does no harm to our environment, just falling into people's expectations for green world. As a result, OSP is an optimal selection for electronic products catering to green regulations such as RoHS.

• Cost effective: Due to the simple chemical compounds applied in OSP creation and its easy manufacturing process, OSP stands out in terms of cost among all types of surface finishes. It costs less, leading to a lower cost of circuit boards at the end.

• Fit for reflow soldering in double-side SMT assembly: Along with the constant development and progress of OSP, it has been accepted from single-sided SMT assembly to double-sided SMT assembly, dramatically widening its application fields.

• Low requirement for solder mask ink

• Long storage time 


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