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HDI with Gold Finger PCB

HDI with Gold Finger PCB

HDI with gold finger PCB 1.Product Description Uniwell circuits offers customize all your required PCBs, Such as single or double sided board, Multilayer boards, Flexible printed circuits, rigid-flexible board, HDI,High TG Multilayer,Heavy Copper,Gold Finger,Blind Buried Holes PCB,Impedance PCB,...

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HDI with gold finger PCB

1.Product Description


Layer: 6  
Board Thickness: 1.6 mm
Surface treatment:chemical gold +gold finger.
Material: FR4 TG170.
Min line width/line distance:5/5mil
Min hole:0.25mm
Special requirement:gold finger, HDIl

Uniwell circuits offers customize all your required PCBs, Such as single or double sided board, Multilayer boards, Flexible printed circuits, rigid-flexible board, HDI,High TG Multilayer,Heavy Copper,Gold Finger,Blind Buried Holes PCB,Impedance PCB, PCBA service  and other special process. 

HDI pcb is the abbreviation for High Density Interconnect pcb or High Density pcb.An HDI PCB is defined as a printed circuit board with a higher wiring density per unit area than a conventional PCB. 

HDI includes the use of fine features or signal traces and spaces of 0.003” (75 µm) or less and laser-drilled blind or buried microvia technology. Microvias allow the use of micro-interconnects from one layer to another within a PCB utilizing a smaller pad diameter creating additional routing density or reducing form factor.

2.Quality control 

We have fully qualification system and advanced machine to promise our high quality. 

1)Quality system 


2)Advanced machine


3.Our service 

1)Quick response, any concerns,2 hour email reply you.
2)Technique Support , we will help all our customer’s all requirements from prototype to mass production.
3)24 hours Engineering Gerber files treatment.
4)24 hours English Engineering Questions Confirmation by E-mail.
5)For any quality problem, we have complete after-sales team to track and service the relevant process. 

4.Our team 

1)2017 Indian exhibition 


2)Various outdoor activities



Q: When PCB assembly wave soldering,why come to solder tin fried phonomenon?  
If it's the patch,it should be damp.and there is no baked when SMD chip,who came up from the patch holes in the sample gas;if it's part feet,it should be based on probable maximum 

Q: How to control products with high quality?
We ensuring products quality by IPC-610 F standard ,The test will be done as customer’s requests. If any rejects during transportation, We will supply maintenance free of charge. 

Q: What service can Uniwell supply to customer?
We can supply PCB, PCBA, gerber design, clone, OEM and ODM service.

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