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HDI with Gold Finger Circuit Board

HDI with Gold Finger Circuit Board

HDI with gold finger circuit board 1.Company Information Uniwell circuits focuses on high-mix, hi-tech technology facility mainly focusing on quick turn, prototype and small volume production. We have built a new factory in October, 2010, especially designed for small to medium mass production...

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HDI with gold finger circuit board
1.Product description 


Board Thickness:1.6 mm
Surface treatment:immersion gold+gold finger.
Material: FR4 .
Min line width/line distance:25/25mil
Min hole:0.3mm
Special technology:HDI

Key Specifications/Special Features:

•Number of layers: 8 layers
•High density interconnect PCBs
•Material: FR-4
•Finishing board thickness: 1.6 ±10%
•External copper thickness: 35um
•Internal copper thickness: 35um
•Minimum width/spacing: 4/4mil
•Minimum laser hole: 0.1mm
•Blind micro via: layer 1-2, 2-3, 7-8, 6-7, buried via: layer 3-6, 2-7
•All laser blind via are filled by plating
•Surface finish: ENIG
•Solder mask type: green
•Silkscreen: white
•Impedance: L1, L3, L4, L6,L7,L8
•Characteristic impedance: 50 ± 10%Ω
•Differential impedance: 100 ± 10%Ω

2.Company information 

Uniwell circuits focuses on high-mix, hi-tech technology facility mainly focusing on quick turn, prototype and small volume production.  We have built a new factory in October, 2010, especially designed for small to medium mass production volumes. So that we can meet all our customer’s all requirements from prototype to mass production. 

With a special market position and excellent corporate culture, we can provide "One-stop shop" service from 1 to 32 layers of PCB products, which includs double layers PCB, Multilayer PCB, Aluminium PCB (Metal core PCB) Flexible PCB (FPCB), Rigid-Flex PCB (Flex-rigid PCB), High Density Interconnect (HDI )PCB boards, heavy copper boards, buried Capacitance & resistance boards, etc. Our products cover various products are exported to Europe, America and Asia. With the experienced and skilled management, consistent high quality, proprietary production techniques and professional service, Uniwell Circuits has won high recognition from customers throughout the world, including Mainland China, Taiwan, USA, Japan, Russia, Germany. Any concerns, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you. 


3.What can we do

1)Customized Rigid PCB
Single-sided, double-sided & multi-layer PCB (up to 32 layers) HDI,High TG Multilayer, HeavyCopper, Gold Finger, Blind Buried Holes PCB,Impedance PCB and other special process. 

2)Customized Flexible & Rigid-flex PCB
Flexible PCB (up to 10 layers) & Rigid-flex PCB (up to 8 layers) 

3)Metal Core PCB
Single/Double-Sided Aluminium Base PCB and Copper Base PCB 

4)PCB Surface Technics
HAL, HAL lead free, Immersion Gold/ Silver/Tin, Hard Gold, OSP

4.Why us? 

1) Quality
Our UL/Rohs standards insure quality assemblies from start to finish. Whether it's a simple custom product or a complex turnkey production run, Uniwell circuits will adhere to the highest quality standards. 

2) Capable
Uniwell circuits offers the latest in assembly capabilities and qualifications insuring that quality is built into every product we produce. 

When it comes to your build you want a partner you can depend on. Our management team has over 10years of combined industry knowledge. Our engineering team has over 7 years experience. 

4)Protecting your interests
Protecting your Intellectual Property is job one! Our staff of trained professionals are all working under a strict confidentiality contract and treat your important documentation as they would their own. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to custom tailor programs around our customers' needs. We take time to listen to your unique business needs and then set out to surpass them


1)What is your main market?
North America, South America, West Europe and Australia. 

2) How to work with you?
-Email and send us the pcb layout file, Bom list.
-We will provide quotation of PCB and assembly in 2 hours and components price in 3-7 days.
-Quotation approval by your side.
-We will issue invoice to you for done payment. 

3)What is meant by a blind via hole?
It is a hole that runs from an outer layer to the inner layer, but not through the entire PCB. These holes can be drilled mechanically or using laser technology.The image in point 1 shows a laser drilled blind via.

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