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HDI High Frequency PCB

HDI High Frequency PCB

HDI high frequency PCB 1.company information UNIWELL circuits co., lTD. is a leading PCB manufacturer was established in 2007, in China. We can reliably manufacture within 32 layers, the material, FR4and CEM-3 are all available and competitive for us. We also offer mixed board multilayer panels...

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HDI high frequency PCB

1.Product describe


Layer: 4 layers 
Board Thickness: 1.6 mm 
Size: 72.1 mm * 58.6 mm 
Board: Rogers +FR4. 
Minimum aperture: 0.6mm. 
Surface treatment: ENIG (2U”) 
Special technology: HDI technology 

Uniwell offer various PCBs product, the products of Uniwell are widely applied in  Medical Instrumentation, Telecommunication apparatus, industry power, Automotive, Liquid crystal module, Peripherals, Computing & storage, Consumer, Networking, satellite receiver (DVB), etc.

2.Company information

UNIWELL circuits co., lTD. is a leading PCB manufacturer was established in 2007, in China. We can reliably manufacture within 32 layers, the material, FR4and CEM-3 are all available and competitive for us. We also offer mixed board multilayer panels to ensure your prototyping costs are kept to a minimum. Most of our products have been exported to the market of Europe, North America, South America and Australia. We won good reputation form our customers all around the world due to our professional manufacturing technology, reliable quality and exquisite craftsmanship measure.  


3.Uniwell’s main equipment



4.Quality control system
1)ISO9001 certified
2)three times self-inspection in the production department, ensure quality checked.
3)we have a quality department, our professional staff will strictly in-process quality control and sampling inspection, give you the “double assurance”


5.Little knowledge---- How to improve FPCB soft and hard binding material?

Plate from the strict sense, the FPCB soft hard couple, the internal stress of each roll of material is different, each batch process control of production won't be completely the same, therefore, the grasp of the coefficient of material increases and is based on a large number of experiments, the process control and data statistical analysis is particularly important.In practical operation, the expansion of flexible plate is divided into stages:


First from a prepared baking sheet, this phase increases and is mainly affected by the temperature caused by: to guarantee the stability of higher shrinkage caused by baking plate, first of all, the consistency of the process control in the material under the premise of unification, each baking plate operation of heating and temperature must agree, cannot because blindly pursuing efficiency, and will bake the plate in the air for cooling.Only in this way can the internal stress caused by the material be minimized.

The second stage occurs during the process of graph transfer, and the expansion of this stage is mainly caused by the change of stress orientation in the material.To ensure the circuit increases and stability of the transfer process, all can't baked good board for grinding plate operation, directly through the chemical cleaning line surface pre-treatment, after pressure membrane surface must level off, board face let stand before and after the exposure time must be sufficient, after the finish line transfer, due to the change of the stress orientation, flexible plate will present a different degree of crimp and contraction, thus line film compensation is related to the control of hard and soft combination of precision control, at the same time, flexible plate increases and ascertainment of the range of values, is the production of its supporting rigid panel data basis.

The expansion of the third stage occurs during the process of the combination of the soft and hard bonding plates, and the main compression parameters and material properties are determined in this stage.The influence factors of this stage include the heating rate, the pressure parameter setting and the residual copper rate and thickness of the core plate.In general, the smaller the residual copper rate, the larger the shrinkage value;The thinner the core board, the larger the shrinkage value.However, from big to small is a gradual change process, so the film compensation is particularly important.In addition, due to the different nature of flexible plate and rigid plate material, compensation is a factor that needs extra consideration.


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