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ENIG Carbon Ink PCB

ENIG Carbon Ink PCB

ENIG carbon ink PCB 1.Product describe Name: ENIG carbon ink PCB Material: FR - 4 Plate thickness: 1.4mm. Minimum line width/line distance: 2.0mm/1.5mm. Minimum aperture: 1.65mm. Copper thickness: 40um. Surface treatment: ENIG Flame retardant grade: 94v-o. Uniwell Circuits Co., Ltd. has been...

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ENIG carbon ink PCB

1.Product describe


Name: ENIG carbon ink PCB
Material: FR - 4
Plate thickness: 1.4mm.
Minimum line width/line distance: 2.0mm/1.5mm.
Minimum aperture: 1.65mm.
Copper thickness: 40um.
Surface treatment: ENIG
Flame retardant grade: 94v-o.

Uniwell Circuits Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing turnkey PCB & PCBA service and One-Stop EMS service (electronics manufacturing services) for 10years. With our professional in electronic design, PCB manufacture, PCB assembly and components sourcing/BOM kitting, we can always provide our customers the best quality PCB & PCBA boards with low cost and quick lead time.

2.Why Uniwell?

1)Quick and econimic delivery term.
2)Provide PCB & PCBA prototype, and medium&low volumn quick board services.
3)Component purcharsing, SMT&PCBA one-stop source.
4)Two-hours quote response, 24 hours quick-turn produce.
5)FR4 Double-sided and 4-6 layer sample in 48 hours.

And we always keep your interest:
* Get a high quality product.
* Get a lower price of product to occupy the market from our online order
* Our one stop service release your energy to focus on design and marketing.  
* Get a strategic long term partner.

3.Who we are?

Uniwell Circuits Co., Ltd  is a professional manufacturer of PCB & PCBA and EMS (electronics manufacturing service) with nearly 10-year experience in PCB Design & Layout, PCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly, PCBA Prototype, PCBA Test, Electronic Part Sourcing and EMS for kinds of smart electronic manufacturing.


4.PCB fast delivery
In order to meet the customers’ commands ,we offer fast delivery service, single & double sided in 24 hours , 4-6 layer in 48 hours. We promise to delivery on time. If you have any urgent project , please don’t hesitate to contact us ,we are happy to help you.



Sample order

Mass order


24 hours

3working days

7working days


24 hours

4working days

7working days



5-6working days

10working days



7-9working days

15working days

FR-4 based, Exclude material lead time

5.Little knowledge

PCB design refers to the circuit layout through the design principle drawing to produce the circuit board at the lowest possible cost.In the past, it's usually rely on expensive special tools to complete, but now, with free high performance software tools, such as DesignSpark PCB, and the rising popularity of design model, greatly speed up the design of PCB designer. 

In spite of the engineering design personnel know, a perfect design scheme is the best way to avoid problems, but it is still a waste of time and a waste of money, at the same time, take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure method.For example, if in the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing found that the problem, will cause a lot of costs, and even necessary to adjust the original design scheme and to make, and that will take months. 

Layout is one of the first problems designers face.The problem depends on part of the drawing, and some devices need to be set up based on logical considerations.It should be noted, however, that components that are sensitive to temperature, such as sensors, should be set apart from components that generate heat, including power converters.For a variety of power supply design, 12 v and 15 v power supply converter, can be set respectively in different position of the circuit board, because they produce heat and electronic noise will affect the reliability and performance of other components and circuit boards. 

These components will affect the electromagnetic properties of the circuit design, it is not just for the performance of the circuit board and the energy consumption is very important, for circuit board economy also brings great influence, therefore all PCB equipment sold in Europe must have CE mark, to prove that will not cause interference to other systems.However, this is usually only in terms of power supply, and there are many devices that emit noise, such as dc-dc converters, and high-speed data converters.Due to defects in circuit board design, these noises can be captured by channels and radiated as small antennas, resulting in noise and frequency anomaly.

In the design process of printed circuit board (PCB), many different methods can be adopted to solve various problems.It has the adjustment of the design scheme itself, such as adjusting the layout of the line and reducing the noise;There are also printed circuit board layout methods.The design elements can be automatically installed through the layout tool, but if you can manually adjust the automatic layout, it will help improve the quality of the circuit board design.Through this measure, the design rules detection will rely on the technical documents to ensure that the design of the circuit board can meet the requirements of the PCB manufacturers. 

Separating the different circuit boards can reduce the associated capacitance, but this will increase the number of layers on the circuit board, thus increasing the cost and bringing more holes in the hole.Though orthogonal system of power supply and grounding circuit design may increase the PCB physical size, but can play double PCB ground plane in the utility, effectively reduce the electric capacity and the complexity of the circuit board manufacturing. 

Including DesignSpark PCB design tool, at the beginning of the design, can help engineers to solve many problems, engineering design, however, researchers still need to the design demand for printed circuit board (PCB) have a full understanding.For example, if the printed circuit board (PCB) editorial staff, at the beginning of design to need layers of circuit boards, for example, a double circuit board, you need to have a ground plane and a power supply layer, two independent board layer.Automatic layout element technology is useful to help designers to spend more time, to design the layout of the equipment area, for example, if the power supply equipment and sensitive signal lines or higher temperature area is too close, will create many problems.Is the same, the signal line also can automatically wiring, avoid the occurrence of most of the questions at the same time, however, analyze the high-risk areas and manual operation, will help to greatly improve the quality of the printed circuit board (PCB) design, improve profitability, lower overall cost. 

Design rule detection is also a very powerful tool that can be used to detect circuits and ensure that the distance between the lines is not too close, resulting in a short return.However, overall design still has high economic value.The design planning detection tool can also be used to detect and adjust the power layer and the ground layer to avoid producing large associated capacitor regions. 

The above tools will also help Gerber and Excellon, which will help them to produce the final product design, and work on lines and circuit boards, as well as through hole drilling.In this way, the technical documents are closely linked to the PCB manufacturers. 

Many problems need to be considered in the design process of PCB, and the tools including DesignSpark PCB can effectively deal with most of the problems.By using some of the best practice guidelines, engineering design personnel can effectively reduce costs, improve the reliability of the circuit board, at the same time meet the requirements of system specifications, at a relatively low cost of deflection system certification, so as to avoid more problems.

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