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Data Transmission Application Circuit Board

Data Transmission Application Circuit Board

1.The detail of product 6L Rogers+FR4 mix pressing, 1.6mm ENIG Printed circuit , electrical device in which the wiring and certain components consist of a thin coat of electrically conductive material applied in a pattern on an insulating substrate by any of several graphic arts procedures....

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1.The detail of product


Layer: 4  
Board Thickness: 1.05 mm
Surface treatment: HAL leadfree.
Material: FR4 .
Min line width/line distance:20/10mil
Min hole:0.4mm

Printed circuit, electrical device in which the wiring and certain components consist of a thin coat of electrically conductive material applied in a pattern on an insulating substrate by any of several graphic arts procedures. After World War II, printed circuits replaced conventional wiring in much electronic equipment, such as radio and television sets, computers and control equipment, and airborne and guided-missile electronic systems. They greatly reduced the size and weight of the equipment while improving reliability and uniformity over the hand-soldered circuits formerly used.

Uniwell Circuits has also met the highest international manufacturing standards by being approved for these quality certificates: ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949. We are UL certified for single sided, double sided and multilayer PCB production, and adhere to all of the requirements for IPC and ROHS standards. Any questions about PCB, just contact us ,we are glad to help you.

2.Company profile 


Shenzhen and Jiangmen factory can meet all our your requirements from prototype to mass production. 8000 types per month ,24hours quick turn. Capacity 300,000 square feet per month. 

Approved UL (E314500), IS0 9001, ISO 14001,TS16949 ,you can trust us we will always ship you the best products, you will find a honest partner here ,we are expect to be your long term partner in China.

our products are widely applied in communication, network, digital products, industrial control, medical care, aeronautics & astronautics, defense & military fields, as well.


4.How to develop a qualified PCB supplier?
When you want to develop a new circuit board supplier and don't know where to start, please refer to the following Suggestions: 

I can buy a circuit board, and I can see how it works.
1)Peers or colleagues. (because is counterparts, so each other introduced circuit board manufacturers should be generally meet the requirements, but in the fit and price above must also re-adjust) 

2)Find the suitable circuit board manufacturer through the Internet.
This is to look at a completely strange factory, and then become your own most important partner. You need to be very careful, careful, and multi-party. Now, let's be specific: 

(1)On the Internet, baidu "circuit board manufacturers ", there will be a lot of results to find out, but which one is the best match with your requirements?If you can screen out most unqualified suppliers on the Internet, find similar manufacturers and save time and energy. Why not? In fact, it is very simple, with specific requirements for baidu, such as "no halogen circuit board "," thin plate ", so that the most suitable results can be filtered. 

(2)Open the web site, probably understand the strength of the factory, equipment, product type, production capacity, etc., if you have not clear can and online customer service consulting, this type of circuit board for their factory have advantage, or very little production. 

(3)To find herself a good record three to five sites, and engineering, quality analysis, together with the other factory to compare meeting the needs of your company products, this industry is very understanding. Because there are a lot of PCB manufacturer will only according to the customer's information into PCB products production, and some special requirements for this type of plate is not understand, if there are any ignore engineers in the design process, will lead to the product is unqualified, a waste of time and resources. And if a professional to do the plate circuit board factory to do the same PCB, deficiencies and defects in the design of technical personnel have the ability to find, will contact you immediately, to avoid unnecessary waste. 

4)After determining the manufacturer, the relevant departments of the organization shall go to the circuit board factory for on-site audit. The following aspects shall be paid attention to:
A.Plant size
B.equipment status
C.Existing product categories, major customer distribution and industry analysis.
D.quality system certification.
C.Environmental protection system.
D.Working status of the workers.
E.on-site 5S and TQM execution.
F.docking personnel to understand and meet (because after cooperation, the vast majority of your time in dealing with this person, if the man is not good communication, that as a purchase you will be very painful, but if the person good communication and responsible earnestly, so congratulations you, you will be quite easy, basically is the single, waiting for the goods.) 

5)delivery and price (to tell the truth, this is the most unreliable, but it is very important content, factory-examining said to listen to good, actually how also is and you butt salesman's ability and quality) 

6)If everything can meet the requirements, you can consider to try cooperation. Be careful not to at this stage of the physical, very trouble order to each other, because you don't know each other to say how much and do it in the middle of the gap, can only use a few small single, is not urgent order to formal understand you the actual situation of the prospective supplier (delivery, quality, physical, service, etc.). 

7)The small batch cooperation in the early stage is pleasant and satisfying, so the majority of orders can be transferred and the two parties can become a formal cooperation relationship.

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