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1.product introduction application:GPS tracker layer:6 special technology:4/4mil impedance control circuit line、half hole surface treatment:ENIG(2U”) material:FR4 outer layer line width/space:4/4mil inner layer line width/space:4/3.5mil board thickness:1.2mm min hole:0.2mm The connected car,...

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1.Product introduction


Board Thickness:1.6mm
Surface treatment:immersion gold.
Material:FR4 .
Min line width/line distance4/4mil
Min hole:0.2mm 

The connected car, together with electrical and autonomously-driven vehicles, means that technology will become even more important over the coming decade. To deliver the best driver experience of the future, auto makers and their suppliers not only need standard Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), but also new generation PCBs like Every-layer Interconnect (ELIC), Rigid-Flex, and other innovations to make connected cars a reality. 

2.Company information
Uniwell Circuits Co., Ltd is a high-tech PCB manufacture . As a leader in low-layer and latest technology PCBs, and flexible circuit solutions, to automotive electronics manufacturers like you, we offer prototyping and quick-turnaround (QTA) services through to mass production. Uniwell is profession in automotive, so you can expect on-time delivery, reliable, and high-quality solutions with minimal lead-times. With over 10 years of experience providing ISO/TS16949 compliant manufacturing, our solutions represent industry-leading quality and value in various applications:  
- Instrumentation
- Engine control
- Transmission control modules
- Stalk switches
- LED lighting
- Sensors
- Door latch/locking systems
- Occupant detectors
- Flat cable harnesses
- LCD displays & touch screens
- Comfort systems
- Infotainment systems
- Sound systems, and more  

Our vertically-integrated service offerings include design, tooling, rigid and flex printed circuit boards, electronics assembly, test and validation, logistics, and more. Together, we collaborate to quickly launch your products that feature next-generation technology and meet your strict requirements around process control, traceability, and quality.  

3.Packaging & delivery
Our company is not only trying to give customers a good product, but also pay attention to offering a complete and safe package. 





4.What are the main areas for high-order hdi products?
With the continuous development of electronic products with each passing day, the high-order hdi products is also deepening in the field of various industries, because of its small operation stability and USES a high-density synthetic integration technology, so have a reputation in the market application of high-order hdi not only can be applied to large electronic products are widely used on a mobile phone, thus, higher order hdi products in various industries play an important role in field use. 

1: the mobile phone industry.
All mobile phones are run by high-density circuit boards. In order to improve the stability of the mobile phone, it is generally used as a high-order hdi circuit board.Manufacture of high density interconnect is one of the advantages of HDI PCB, and small very suitable for use in the mobile phone industry for installation, also can be used to achieve high performance of signal transmission frequency. 

2: the computer industry.
Higher-order hdi and intelligent electronic products, and can make end products and design, according to the requirements of use in the computer industry is also often used in the high density integration technology products, because can meet to the use of high standard and electronic properties, and horizon method is used to manufacture product according to the need for overlay layer. 

3: automotive electronics.
Often used in the automobile industry to a higher order of hdi PCB electronic products, such as industry recorder or on-board MP3 or car charger and cameras, these products need to small size of higher-order hdi used to meet. 

4: digital camera industry.
It is well known that the high order hdi with stable performance is needed to support the digital products, so that all kinds of digital products can play a superior performance in their use.Moreover, hdi has better electrical performance and signal accuracy, which is more conducive to the use of advanced digital products. of course, in addition to the above about the four major industries, advanced hdi in implementing application is not limited in these industries, due to its unique advantages in using force on all kinds of electronic products are subject to the heat, so the user to choose reputable higher-order hdi products to achieve the use of superior performance and after-sale protection.

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