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Air Conditioner Circuit Board

Air Conditioner Circuit Board

Air conditioner circuit board 1.product describe specification material:shengyi S1000-2M layer:10 min line width / space:0.075mm/0.075mm min hole:0.2mm min copper thickness:25um copper weight:35um/35um/35um/35um/35um/35um/35um/35um surface treatment:immersion gold (>=2um) special technology:...

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Air conditioner circuit board
1.Product describe


Layer: 4  
Board Thickness: 1.60 mm
Surface treatment:immersion gold+gold finger.
Material: FR4 TG135.
Min line width/line distance:5/5mil
Min hole:0.4mm 

With years of OEM printed circuit board(PCB) and PCB assembly manufacturing experience along with excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices,  Uniwell Circuits Co., Ltd,  has won numerous customers' trust and support. This PCB board is an OEM double-sided PCB with green solder mask and white silkscreen.

2.Capability of Air conditioner circuit board


FR4,CEM-3,Metal Core,

Halogen Free, Rogers, PTFE

Max. Finishing Board Size

1500X610 mm

Min. Board Thickness

0.20 mm

Max. Board Thickness

8.0 mm

Buried / Blind Via (Non-cross)


Aspect ration


Min. Drilling Size(Mechanical)

0.20 mm

Tolerance PTH/ Pressing fit hole /NPTH

+/-0.0762 mm / +/-0.05mm / +/-0.05mm

Max. Layer Count


Max. copper (inner/outer)

5OZ/10 OZ

Drill tolerance


Layer to layer registration


Min. line width/space


BGA pitch


Surface treatment

HASL, Lead free HASL,

ENIG, Immersion silver/Tin, OSP

3.Packing & delivery
Vacuum packing with anti-static red/white bubble. 


If PCB or PCB assembly delivery is very urgent, you can choose to send by official DHL, FedEx or UPS etc..
If it is not so urgent, we can send by shipment forwarder, longer time but can save you some money.


Q:What service do you have?
We provide turnkey solution including  PCB fabrication, SMT assembly, testing and other value-added service.

Q:What are the main products of your PCB/PCBA services?
Our PCB/PCBA services are mainly for the industries including Medical, Automotive, Energy, Metering/Measurements, Consumer Electronics.

Q:Can we inspect quality during production?
Yes, we are open and transparent on each production process with nothing to hide. We welcome customer inspect our production process and check in house.

Q:How can you ensure our information and design will not be seen by the third party?
We are willing to sign NDA protected by customer side local law and promising to keep customers data in high confidential level.

Q:What files are required to get PCB/PCBA price?
For PCB quotation, please provide your Gerber data/files and indication of related technical requirements as well as your special requirement.
For PCBA , please provide Gerber data/ files and also BOM (bill of materials). If you need us to do functional test, please also provide your test instructions/procedures.

Q:How long does it take for PCB quote?
Normally 30 minutes to 1 hour if your PCB files and requirement are all OK .

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