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4L ENIG Halogen Free PCB

4L ENIG Halogen Free PCB

4L ENIG halogen free PCB 1.product describe Description: 1.4L ENIG halogen free PCB layer: 4L surface: ENIG UNIWELL produces all of type Multilayer printed circuit board with HASL, lead free HASL, ENIG, Flash gold, Thick gold, Selective gold plating, OSP, Selective OSP /HASL, Immersion Tin,...

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4L ENIG halogen free PCB
1.Product describe


Layer: 4
Board Thickness: 2.2 mm
Surface treatment: immersion gold.
Material: halogen free FR4 .
Min line width/line distance:6/6mil
Special requirement: impedance control

Uniwell produces all of type Multilayer printed circuit board with HASL, lead free HASL, ENIG, Flash gold, Thick gold, Selective gold plating, OSP, Selective OSP /HASL, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, and we have many types of material options ,CEM-3  and FR4 ect..
We produce Multilayer printed circuit board,  4layer pcb ,6layer pcb, 8layer circuit board, 10layer circuit board, 12layer pcb,14layer pcb,16layer pcb up to 32layer , HDI printed circuit board ect…

2.Company information
Uniwell circuits co., lTD. was found in 2007, we have two modern production plants, Shenzhen factory was established in April 2007 , Special for quick turn: Prototype, Sampling and Small volume orders , With brand new equipment and total production area over 10,000 sq. meters, Uniwell Circuits is capable of producing 100,000 square feet of 2-32 layer PCBs and delivering over 5000 varieties monthly. We can produce quick turns to meet 24-hour delivery for double-sided PCBs, 48-hour for 4 to 8 layers and 120-hour for 10 layer or higher PCBs. 

Jiang men factory was established in Oct. 2010, Special for medium volume and Mass production order, The new factory has two new industrial buildings that are about 15,000 square meters, and have brand new automated equipment from Israel, Japan, German, and Taiwan. The output of Jiangmen factory for 2-10 layers is up to 300,000 square feet per month. The foundation of Jiangmen facility increases our ability to supply high-end PCBs domestically and worldwide.


3.Our strength
1)10+ years' experience in PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly.
2)Divisions are fully equiped by top quality machine from Japan and Germany.
3)Efficient production and strict QC inspections.
4)Up to 300,000 square meters PCBs monthly
5)ISO\UL\SGS\FCC\Rohs Certificate
6)One-Stop Service for  PCBs, PCB Assembly.

4.If you want a quotation,please provide:
1)Gerber file and BOM list
2)Clear pics of pcba or pcba sample for us
3)Test method for PCBA
4)Other Detailed requirements

5.Applications of products:  
1)Computers and relevant products: movable power board, U Disk, network interface, panel computer, cameral, wire-less mouse.
2)Home appliance: smart projector/digital cameral, high-frequency board. Recorder and repeater board, auto audio equipment main board and control board.
3)Wire-less communication: mobile board, GPS/ direction record board, wireless telephone main board, intercom main board.
4)LED Lighting: LED drive power, LED light panel, LED light belt.


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