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12L Immersion Gold High TG FR4 PCB

12L Immersion Gold High TG FR4 PCB

12L immersion gold high tg FR4 PCB 1.company information Uniwell Circuits Co., Ltd, was founded in Shenzhen, China in April, 2007. Uniwell Circuits is a high-tech enterprise specializing in design, development, manufacture and sales of high precision double-sided & multilayer PCBs (Printed...

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1.Product describe


Layer: 12  
Board Thickness: 1.6 mm
Surface treatment: immersion gold..
Material: FR4.
Min line width/line distance:10/10mil

Uniwell Circuits has set up a powerful R & D team when we established, the R & D team to improve its technology capability for high frequency, high TG, high CTI, impedance control, buried and blind holes, rigid-flexible combination material, aluminum base, and halogen free, etc. The products of Uniwell Circuits are widely used in communication, network, digital products, industrial control, medical care, aeronautics & astronautics, defense & military fields, etc.

2.Company information
Uniwell Circuits Co., Ltd, was founded in Shenzhen, China in April, 2007. Uniwell Circuits is a high-tech enterprise specializing in design, development, manufacture and sales of high precision double-sided & multilayer PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) focusing on quick turn, prototype, medium and large volumes. Uniwell Circuits has also met the highest international manufacturing standards by being approved for these quality certificates: ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949. We are UL certified for single sided, double sided and multilayer PCB production, and adhere to all of the requirements for IPC and ROHS standards.


3.Our values and principles.
1)Excellent quality
Every manufactured product is very precise, which has been our basic policy since the establishment of the company and is based on equality and mutual benefit with our customers.
2)Reliable service.
Whenever and wherever you place your order to us, your delivery time will be guaranteed, and we will arrange the most reasonable mode of transportation for you.In any case, your question will be answered within 24 hours.We will provide you with the best quality technical support and flexible sales policy. This loyalty of service can be through the answers to all the sales to provide effective investigation, arrange prompt shipment and provide various after-sales support.
3)Continuous innovation
Innovation is always the first factor, the most important factor for us.In the research and development of all new projects, the company has never stopped pursuing the most efficient methods and technologies.We sincerely hope that our suppliers and customers can benefit from this innovation.
4)The most competitive price.
With each client to consolidate friendship and long-term business relationship is always our goal, we should devote our best efforts to provide the biggest value for customers. We will provide every customer the best competitive price and best products.

4.Environmental policy:
Clean production and maintain the environment; Conserve resources and benefit the future.
1)The company attaches great importance to the coordination with the natural environment and the common development of the regional society, and manages the company's environmental behaviors with the basic idea of clean and green, and meets the following requirements:
2)To thoroughly implement relevant environmental laws, regulations and agreements, establish and continuously improve the environmental management system based on the ISO14001 standard;
3)To provide adequate management resources to maintain and improve the environmental management system to achieve environmental policy;
4)To make rational use of resources and energy resources to reduce waste generation and reduce operating costs;
5)To create a clean production environment to prevent accidents;
6)To exert influence on the supplier and contractor to jointly seek improvement of the environment;
7)To implement environmental training and education in a planned way so that all employees can fully understand the environmental policy and work according to the guidelines;
8)To establish environmental targets, evaluate their own environmental behaviors and publish the results to the public.
9)To maintain the company's environmental policy, the appropriateness, effectiveness and sufficiency of the annual review policy, so as to meet the requirements of continuous improvement and related parties.


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