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10L ENIG Ordinary FR4 Circuit Board

10L ENIG Ordinary FR4 Circuit Board

10L ENIG ordinary FR4 circuit board 1.company information UNIWELL circuits is a professional PCB&PCBA maker with 10 years experience.We are working with more than 600 clients in computer, telecommunication, industrial test and control, medical equipment, power supply, LED, CCTV, research...

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1.Product describe 


Layer: 10  
Board Thickness: 2.2 mm
Surface treatment: immersion gold.
Material: FR4 .
Min line width/line distance:7.87/7.3mil
Min hole:0.2mm 

Multilayer PCB information:
Top silkscreen/Legend: to identify name of each PAD, board part number, data, etc;
Top Surface finishing: to protect exposed copper from oxidation ;
Top Soldermask (overlay): to protect copper from oxidation, to be not soldered during SMT process;
Top Trace: copper etched according to design to carry on different function
Substrate/Core material: Non-conductive such as FR4
Prereg (PP)
Middle Layers, such as GND, VCC, Inner 3, Inner 4, etc.
Prepreg (PP)
Bottom trace (if any): (same as above mentioned)
Bottom soldermask (overlay):(same as above mentioned)
Bottom surface finishing: (same as above mentioned)
Bottom silkscreen/legend: (same as above mentioned)
More layers it is, more complex & difficult the manufacturing will be, and more expensive the cost will be.
Multi-Layer PCB refer to printed circuit board has more than two copper layers, such as 4L, 6L, 8L, 10L, 12L, etc. As technology improving, people can put more and more copper layers on the same board. Currently, we can produce 20L-32L FR4 PCB.
By this structure, engineer can put trace on different layers for different purpose, such as layers for power, for signal transfering, for EMI shielding, for components assembly, and so on. In order to avoid too many layers, Buried Via or Blind via will be designed in multi-layer PCB. For board more than 8 layers, high Tg FR4 material will be popular than normal Tg FR4. 

How are multilayer PCBs made?
Alternating layers of prepeg and core materials are laminated together under high temperature and pressure to produce Multilayer PCBs. This process ensures that air isn't trapped between layers, conductors are completely encapsulated by resin, and the adhesive that holds the layers together are properly melted and cured. The range of material combinations is extensive from basic epoxy glass to exotic ceramic or Teflon materials.
The figure above  illustrates the stackup of a 4-Layer/ multilayer PCB.  Prepeg and core are essentially the same material, but prepeg is not fully cured, making it more malleable than the core.The alternating layers are then placed into a lamination press. Extremely high temperatures and pressures are applied to the stackup, causing the prepeg to "melt" and join the layers together. After cooling off, the end result is a very hard and solid multilayer board.

2.Company information
UNIWELL circuits is a professional PCB&PCBA maker with 10 years experience.We are working with more than 600 clients in computer, telecommunication, industrial test and control, medical equipment, power supply, LED, CCTV, research institution etc in world-wide market. And we have enjoyed high reputation from them.




FR4,CEM-3,Metal Core,

Halogen Free, Rogers, PTFE

Max. Finishing Board Size

1500X610 mm

Min. Board Thickness

0.20 mm

Max. Board Thickness

8.0 mm

Buried / Blind Via (Non-cross)


Aspect ration


Min. Drilling Size(Mechanical)

0.20 mm

Tolerance PTH/ Pressing fit hole /NPTH

+/-0.0762 mm / +/-0.05mm / +/-0.05mm

Max. Layer Count


Max. copper (inner/outer)

5OZ/10 OZ

Drill tolerance


Layer to layer registration


Min. line width/space


BGA pitch


Surface treatment

HASL, Lead free HASL,

ENIG, Immersion silver/Tin, OSP

4.Packaging & delivery
1)Protect product with polyfoam and multi-layer paperboard.
2)Special Protect carton for exporting product.
3)Per customer requirement. 


Protect your products and save shipping cost as best.   
We can offer FOB Shenzhen, FOB H.K. or CIF at customer destination.
Ship direct to your appointed warehouse globally.
1)Air shipment
2)Sea shipment
3)Express courier 


5.Our key clients
With the experienced and skilled management, consistent high quality, proprietary production techniques and professional service, Uniwell Circuits has won high trust and support from customers from around the world, including Mainland China, Taiwan, USA, Japan, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Finland, France, Holland, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.


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