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PCB Test Services

As one of the most competitive PCB Manufacturer , each piece of PCB boards is 100% electrical test before shipping and these test are free, these tests have been a crucial link in our PCB fabrication process.

There are two primary electrical test methods are being applied at Uniwell: Flying Probe Test ,Bed of Nails Fixture Test . For either method, strictly follow IPC-9252 guidelines are rigorously adhered to so that reliability of end products will be fully guaranteed.

Flying Probe Test

The flying probe tester is a form of automated test equipment which depend on moving probes to test electrical performance of each net on a bare circuit board.

The flying probe tester is responsible for testing of shorts, opens and component values,etc. With these capabilities, they are able to offer the equivalent performance of an advanced in-circuit tester.

Flying probe testers provide many advantages over other forms of automated test equipment for particular applications.

·Eliminates fixturing costs and time

·Fast test program development, easy integration of design changes

·Process flexibility

·Circuit access, even in the absence of test points

·Controlled probe contact, programmable for any type of board

·Different test solutions and approaches integrated in a single test system

·Intrinsic positioning and measurement precision



Bed of Nails Fixture Test

Bed of nails fixture test, also called a calm shell or universal grid, is implemented through dozens of stiff testing fixtures just like what its name is described.

Controlled by test software, the In-circuit test fixture is required to interface the main tester with the particular board under test. It will have a main connector that interfaces to the tester and wires that are taken from the connector to individual pins / probes / or "nails" that make contact with the required nodes on the board under test.

Neither bed of nails fixture test or flying probe test, the test item mainly cover from opens, shorts, capacitance to resistance in a circuit on each bare board. Further more, some reports can be summarized according to test results such as cross section, solderability, peel strength etc. so that ideal performance and all functions of bare boards can be totally realized in your practical projects.