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On The Development Status Of Flexible Circuit Board Industry
Nov 28, 2018

With the upgrading of electronic products, especially consumer electronics such as smart phones, tablets, and wearable devices are developing faster and faster. At this time, FPC flexible circuit board has become more and more widely used in the field of electronic products by virtue of its advantages, and its main features are just to meet the needs of electronic products in light and thin, occupying an important position in electronic products, and the local FPC industry also win the break-out. According to the statistics of relevant departments, the current annual output value of the global FPC industry is about 100 billion RMB, and the domestic enterprise market accounts for only about 10%. In the future, it is still necessary to continuously enhance the technical strength, expand the high-end market, and actively "go global" to enter into the international market.

Circuit boards are generally divided into two categories, one is  rigid circuit board, the other is flexible circuit board, and the rigid circuit board is mainly used in household appliances such as refrigerators. The flexible circuit is also called a flexible circuit board. It is also called a soft board. It has the advantages of light weight, thin thickness, good bending, high wiring density, and limited wiring space. It is in line with the miniaturization of electronic products. The trend of mobility has gradually become an indispensable component of consumer electronics such as smartphones.

Domestic FPC production capacity is expanding rapidly, but some experts pointed out that some core raw materials of FPC products, such as flexible copper clad laminates, conductive adhesive films and shielding films, are still in the hands of foreign-funded enterprises, and domestic FPC domestic manufacturers are less competitive in the international market. Sales are mainly concentrated in the domestic market, and the overall market share is low.

At present, domestic FPC companies seem to have a certain gap with foreign advanced manufacturers. However, with the rapid development of domestic mobile phones such as Huawei, OPPO and VIVO in the mobile phone market, domestic FPC has gradually realized its own technological innovation. Mastering the core technology, the gap with foreign countries is narrowing. 

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